Meet Our May Featured ARTist 


Chelsea Pray

Chelsea is a comic artist, illustrator, and seamstress based in Minneapolis, MN. Her work is greatly influenced by comics, animation & video games. Some of her favorites include One Piece, Princess Mononoke and The Legend of Zelda. She has always been drawn to titles with a strong emphasis on nature, animals, adventure, and fantasy.

Some of her fondest memories as a child include visiting national parks, adventuring through the forest in her backyard, and dressing up as her favorite heroes. As an adult, her free time is filled with playing video games, planning her next camping trip, hiking and just hanging out with friends.

Currently she is working on a paranormal web comic called Void Light. Read it on WebToon or Patreon for free.

If you like Chelsea’s work and would like to support her creative journey, consider becoming a patron. For as little as $1 a month, get early access to pages and join the adventure! Head to Patreon to check out other rewards, like stickers, print illustrations, and wallpapers. Otherwise, please feel free to read the comic and share it around. It would be greatly appreciated! :)