We have created a few series of Teen ART Boxes here at ARTrageous. Each series includes 4 boxes which will be delivered every month to your home. Each box contains 1 limited edition art inspired bracelet, 1 mini canvas & easle, paint, paintbrush, artist info guide, artist specific supplies, and an instruction booklet. By Purchasing a whole series you will save $5 per box!

Series: Teen ART Boxes

  • The ARTists in series 1 include...

    1. Pablo Picasso
    2. Georgia O'Keefe
    3. Jackson Pollock
    4. Andy Warhol 

    The ARTists in series 2 include...

    1. Keith Haring
    2. Frida Kahlo
    3. Salvador Dali
    4. Vincent Van Gogh

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