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ARTreaches & Staff Development

See what an ARTreach or staff development workshop can do for your school, library, park or business!


Our staff can customize and create a unique curriculum based on any theme your program is highlighting.


The Details

pre K-5

flexible days and times

Mankato and surrounding communities

Trash to Treasure

Engage in a discussion of the importance of our planet and its many resources. The children discover colors, lines, shapes and texture while gaining an appreciation for nature's precious gifts. From papermaking to found object sculptures, to a collaborative bottle cap mosaic, this series of classes will put the fun and creativity into recycling everyday objects.


Cultural Creations

Take the young artist on a journey around the world while exploring arts and craft-making techniques of different cultures. Interesting facts, fun trivia, storytelling and music will enhance these visual art workshops to make these continental visits a colorful experiance. Each child will receive an ARTrageous passport with their photo to be stamped during each journey.


Passport to Africa

Colors of South America

Spirit of Native America

Gateway to Asia

Down Under Australia

Amazing Antarctica

Backpack through Europe


ARTrageous Lives

Learn about the lives of the most famous artists in history. Explore techniques they used to create masterpieces while developing your own individual style. Each week, we will focus on a different artist, technique and medium. There will be an artist reception at the end of the series for family and friends.


Pablo Picasso

Henry Matisse

Georgia O'Keefe

Frida Kahlo

Andy Warhol

Jim Dine

ARTreach Program
In School Field Trip

Staff Development Workshops

ARTrageous Vision Boards

In this 2 hour workshop we explain the main principles of what Vision Boards are as well as the different types of Visioning Boards that can be made. Participants will be given a choice from a 12x12 scrapbook page or a 10x10 mirror frame as their blank canvas. All supplies will be provided by ARTrageous, however participants can bring in a few of their own visuals to add to their collage creations. ARTrageous will also provide a short pre activity sheet with some items that participants can bring to the workshop if so desired.

ARTrageous Classrooms & reARTcycled Resources

Amanda Vallone from beARTrageous in Minneapolis will be leading this hands on ARTrageous workshop. Discover ways to be resourceful and creative using recycled materials for fun, engaging and collaborative classroom projects. You will leave this workshop with ideas to put into play and your very own piece of art to take home.



Celebrating Cultures in the Classroom

As classrooms become increasingly more diverse, it is important for educators to acknowledge and address diversity issues and to integrate multicultural information into the classroom curriculum. By doing so, educators can instill young students with respect for their peers while teaching exciting, new content. In this workshop a variety of ideas will be shared to bring a more creative approach to cultural celebrations through art, music and storytelling.



Creative  Parent Engagement Vs. Parent Involvement

Parent engagement in schools is defined as parents and school staff working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children. This workshop will demonstrate ways to creatively engage your classroom parents and help them to become active partners in the classroom by providing them resources and opportunities to become meaningfully involved both at home and in school. A few hands on activities will also demonstrate the difference between parent involvement and engagement.

ARTrageous Adventures provides fun, inspirational and engaging workshops for people in all careers that focus on the process of art and how that process can help you to achieve new ways of thinking individually as well as collaborating with others. In addition to our child ARTreaches we have a few adult workshops to help your team learn and grow as a unit!
Adult Vision Board Workshop
ARTrageous Vision Board
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