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Terms, Conditions & Policies

Please read this section carefully before booking your event as we keep to a strict policy.

Cancellation Policy
Event, camp, and party cancellations have two options. If you wish to keep a CREDIT with ARTrageous for the future you will have 100% of your payment to use. If you wish for a REFUND  for a cancellation that occurs 3 weeks before the event or sooner will qualify for a 90% refund. Cancellations that occur 2 weeks prior to camp will qualify for a 50% refund or trade in credit. Cancellations that occur within 1 week of camp WILL NOT qualify for a refund.

Safety: If a child or adult does not comply with current safety guidelines set by ARTrageous Adventures the child and/or adult will be removed from the event and NO REFUND will be issued.

We are a small business who was severely impacted by the pandemic and we appreciate you booking with us and hope that you will understand our policies. 

Terms and conditions for Classes & Programming
a. All Preschool, Before & Afterschool payments are due on/before the first of each month.
b. A $20 late fee will be charged on the 3rd of each month if payment hasn't been received.
c. All balances must be paid (including any additional fees such as a tardy pick-up and late fees) prior to services being rendered.
d. The months with NO School Days will be prorated based on days/weeks school is in session.
e. There will be an $20 administrative setup charge for unusual billing and/or attendance situations.

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